Leasing & Sales

Lee Cherney, Senior Vice President of Real Estate
Jeff Ross, Associate Vice President of Real Estate
Robert Crum, Associate Vice President of Real Estate
Beth Calay, Leasing Manager

Redevelopment & Multi-Family

Max Bulbin, Senior Vice President of Development

Property Management

Robert Brand, Vice President of Construction & Property Management
Anna Gaita, Director of Property Management
Brett Burstell, Director of Industrial Property Management


Andrew Schreier, Executive Vice President
Steven Sandelman, Managing Director
Stefan Chodkowski, Managing Director


Paul Bernstein, General Counsel
Eitan Ovadia, Deputy General Counsel
Amber Seidlin, Assistant General Counsel
Deborah Stear De Luca, Assistant General Counsel
Deborah Gutman, Assistant General Counsel
Justin Schmidt, Assistant General Counsel
Nicole Kaplan, Assistant General Counsel
Terri Roney, Assistant General Counsel


Lisa Mull, Chief Accounting Officer
Grant Schreier, Director of Financial Operations
Wayne Feldman, Treasurer
Luis Castro, Accounting Manager
Irwin Meyer, Controller
Trish Rhodes, Accounts Receivable Manager
Lisa Hanes, Accounts Payable Manager
Sophia Cywar, Risk Compliance / Insurance

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